Why Your Grades Are More Than ‘Good’


Ben Kolba, Entertainment Writer

Second semester at Crystal Lake Central got off to a great start as far as progress in the classroom and student preparation for standardized testing. Testing is never an event we look forward to, but I think we can all agree that it is as helpful as it is stressful. However, there is one thing, we as students, can all recognize as stressful above all else: grades.

This is the curse we have to bear as high school students and it goes without saying that it is incredibly stressful on our psyche. Even if you feel like this stressor doesn’t affect you, I implore you to take a look around and observe your peers because it’s likely on their minds. There’s always room for improvement and to do better; this hits home in the hearts of all students.

There is something I began to notice though; I see this anxious desire for the best grades possible coming from some of the most successful people I know whose grades never fall short of straight A’s. It’s the maintenance of their grades that put them on edge and into overdrive to accomplish any sort of assignment/extra credit that they can to bring grades up. Once they reach that point, only then are they in the slightest bit proud of their good grades.

Do you see a problem here? I sure do. The problem is that it takes near perfect grades just for someone to consider them “good” and it shouldn’t be like that. Grades that take that sort of dedication to achieve are more than good, they’re incredible. Grades like that are worthy of praise because you worked so hard to get them! Now, this isn’t a way of saying that you need to gloat to everyone about how good your grades are. You deserve your own personal praise and recognition instead of being seen as the absolute minimum of what you can accomplish. The same goes for grades lower than that; it takes a lot of effort to stay in school and try your best. You should be proud of your grades regardless of them being near perfection or not. We’re only human after all and the last thing you need to do is sell yourself short.

It’s not easy being a student, so you should be proud of your abilities and look forward to growing from them even more.