A Robot’s Heart

A Robot's Heart

Victoria Wakeford, Staff Writer

The sky was dark and bled water from all its sides as the war between robots and humans ran its long course. It started in 2020 and has been going on ever since. As blood stained the velvety grounds of the plains of Asia, the guts of the bots, as we would call them, bounced on the ground and rolled away. But a million or trillion miles away lies a small city in Japan called Nagoya-Shi; in an apartment far away, lies two little robots by the names of Echo and Pacer being chased.

“Get out of my house you measly bots!” screamed the owner. She was a tall woman probably standing about the height of Everest from their view.  

“Please! Please let us stay with you!” Echo cried out.

“No way!” she yelled back. “I would rather die than spend time with bots like you!” She opened a window and threw them out. Pacer landed safely in the trash can while Echo slammed hard into the pavement.

“Owie!” He felt around himself to make sure that he was all in one piece. Then he felt something missing. His heart. “MY HEART! PACER, WHERE’S MY HEART?!”

“I thought you had it.” He looked helplessly at the road and saw something smashed to pieces on the ground. It was the robot’s heart. And even though robots were not able to cry, he howled and sobbed as he saw his heart smashed into tiny pieces. That was when the rain came and he quickly hid.

As his systems began to shut down, there was a glimmer of hope through a young girl.  She had a short bob that was stained with brilliant ginger and chocolate brown hair. She came up to them in a yellow raincoat with an orange umbrella; on the side of her coat, there was a heart with an electric bolt inside. Echo and Pacer were frightened at first because they thought that she was going to kill them, but instead, she bent down and drew something from her pocket. A robotic heart. He slowly wheeled up to her as the glowing light drew him in like water in the ocean. He took it from her and placed it in the empty part. As he did, power surged back through him.

“Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

She turned to him. Smiled and nodded. She went off into the storm and as she did, Echo noticed her pocket filled with more robotic hearts.