Arising to Disaster


Victoria Wakeford, Features Writer

Part One

The drag of sleep was pulling at her eyelids as Amethyst tried writing her essay for her business class, which she just HAD to push off because of the new episodes of Howard. And now she had to wing it. But she was almost done…almost. Her cat, CoCo, silently strolled into the room.

“Not now Coes, I gotta finish this before-”

“ Hey, Amy.” Amethyst flinched as her dad perambulated suddenly into her room.

“Hey, Dad,” she said as she recovered from her mini heart attack.

“Just checking in on how you’re doing.”

“I’m okay.”

“Good. I also have pizza.” He handed her a fresh slice of pepperoni pizza, oozing of grease and spotted with 12 or more red pepperoni slices.

“I’m trying to work, so can you please go? Please?”

“Okay, but make sure that alarm works.” He then proceeded to pick up the cat and walked out. She ate her pizza and typed on her computer. The grease from the pizza made the keys all dirty as she typed as diligently as she could.

“Just a few more sentences.” At 10:00 pm, she finally finished her project.

“ Finally!” she screamed as she stretched out. As the darkness of night surrounded her vision, she laid her head on her desk and shut her eyes.


Her eyelids slowly pulled back as her dreams faded away.  

“Ugh what time is it?” She grabbed her phone. “School starts…AN HOUR AGO?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

To be Continued…