A Metallic Guardian: Part One


Victoria Wakeford, Staff Writer

Her breath stung against her metal teeth as her legs banged against the ground. Her mechanical heart pounded and pounded and pounded against her cold chest. Bolts and blood sprayed against the town hall. Bombs and army men have taken over Tera’s home, which was a safe haven for humans and robots alike. It was peaceful. Beautiful. Calm. But since the war was declared on the robot race in 2020, the placid world was now infected with fear as was the virus. And when they found Diamond Lake, they attacked. Now she is scampering down the streets, escaping for her life with a sobbing human baby in her arms. As she leaped over the collapsed columns, the baby cried and cried.

“Just a little longer. Hang in there,” she said.

Just then, a silver bullet sped past her face screen and punched a hole in the nearest building. This time, she accelerated. Her legs hammered against the ground so hard, that her bolts started to pop out. She kept running and running until she stopped in her tracks. A plum of brown and yellow smoke tumbled towards her. Her mind raced; she tried to analyze the situation, but the footsteps were getting louder and louder behind her. She breathed in, covered the baby’s mouth with the blanket, and sprinted in. The dust particles brushed her metal body but stung the baby’s eyes, which encouraged more screaming. Suddenly, a light shone through the fragments. Tera zoomed in on who it was and found it was Darlyn, her human friend.  

“Tera! Is that you?”


Tera ran towards her. It’s almost over.. Just a few more steps until-

A sharp pain like a knife pierced through her head. Tera collapsed on the ground.