A Metallic Guardian: Part Two


Victoria Wakeford, Staff Writer

Tera’s screen monitors flicked in and out like a broken light switch. The pain in her wires tore through her body and made her shake uncontrollably. She tried to balance the baby, but her body was like a rock crushing her systems.

“Tera!” screamed Darlyn.

She ambled towards her. Tera mumbled.

“What?” She leaned in closer.

“Take her.”

Without thinking, Tera carefully hoisted the baby into Darlyn’s arms.   

“Also, take this.”

Tera shoved a flat piece of cloth into Darlyn’s hand. It was heart-shaped. The stitching webbed together to form an electric bolt.

“This contains everything she needs to know. Now, go.”

“No! I can’t leave you here!”

“Just go. I’ll be okay.”

With a tear streaked face, Darlyn nodded and stood up.  But in an instant, two army men arrived. Darlyn held the baby closer to her and started to slowly back up. One of them looked up to her.

“Don’t worry ma’am. We just saved you from that insane bot.”

Darlyn shook her head.

“No. You didn’t,” she growled at them. She spat at them and dashed through the dust and smoke.

The last thing Tera ever saw was the baby looking back at her.


Seven Years Later…

The girl walked down the street. The rain was cold and the frigid drops exploded on her raincoat as she trudged along. She had just met a robot on the road and given him one of the robot hearts. Now, she is confident it will work this time. She walked to a dark alley and at the end of it sat a little cardboard shack. This is where she has been for most of her days. She pulled out the robot body and opened her chest cavity. It took so many months of hard work, but finally, she was ready. She opened the cavity and placed the heart inside. It closed automatically. Then she waited. Suddenly, the robot’s eyes opened up. A rush of adrenaline rose in the girl’s chest. The robot looked at her. She smiled.

“Hello, my Dove.”