Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions

Isabella Hammers, Staff Writer

Each family celebrates Thanksgiving in a different way. For my family, we don’t have any specific tradition; rather, every year is different for us. Since so many people have unique traditions, I decided to ask CLC students what they do to celebrate Thanksgiving & here’s what I got back:

 “My three-year-old brother felt left out because we make traditional Hispanic food and no turkey. Since my mom didn’t know how to make a turkey, we now have a rotisserie chicken each year.”

 Many students said that they had a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner with family.

“I make an entire Thanksgiving meal for my grandmother and me while the rest of my family goes to Wisconsin.”

“Each year, we have all our friends over and we sit and play games, run around the house doing different activities, and occasionally have a Nerf gun war.”

“I go to my grandma’s. My cousin and I only eat bread while my brother dumps all the food he doesn’t want on my plate.”

“I go over to my uncle’s house and spend time with my family. We make amazing memories and plan future events.”

“My family does a big Turkey Bowl game in the morning; the uncles, my brothers, and my boy cousins all play while we sip hot chocolate and cheer for them on the sideline.”

“I go to my grandma’s house and all my family gathers and eats. Then my family (Mom, Dad, and I) travel to Florida for wakeboarding.”

“I go to my cousin’s house and all my other family members come there, too and we eat. Then. we play board games or watch a movie at the end of the night.”

 As you can see, people have a plethora of different traditions but overall everyone spends quality time with loved ones.