CLC Swim Team 2019-2020

Katie Ellison

On Thursday, October 24th, the Crystal Lake District 155 Girl’s swim team faced the Huntley swim team in their final meet of the 2019-2020 season. The meet was very close all night, with an especially close race in the girl’s varsity 500 meter freestyle, as Crystal Lake pulled ahead at the finish. The final score of the JV meet was 85-84, as CL escaped with a close win. The final varsity score was 75-95, as CL fell short of a victory. 

The Crystal Lake Co-Op swim team includes swimmers from across three schools in District 155: Central, South, and Prairie Ridge. Being a part of a team combining these schools has brought the team together with new friends from outside their own school in their Crystal Lake community. With a team like the Crystal Lake swim team, swimmers get a chance to meet other swimmers who they may not see at school and become closer to them through passion for a sport they love. Kayla McIntyre, a freshman swimmer from Central, notes that “being a freshman going into high school was a big step, as it is for all of us. So having swimming means so much because it brought me closer to some people not only here at Central, but at PR and South!” These girls bonded together through swimming and made high school a more enjoyable experience for each other, which has a lasting experience on them as they look back the memories made this season.