My Marching Band Experience During COVID-19


Alam Lejis, Staff Writer

This year’s marching band experience deserves the title for being the most unique marching band year here at CLC. It’s remarkable to realize that we, the Tiger Marching Band, were able to make memories, perform a show, and have fun. I remember showing up to Band Camp in late August having doubts in my head as to how we would be able to pull this whole thing off, and most people had the same mindset. This year’s Band Camp definitely was unique as we didn’t have to be at school from 9am-5pm as in the past and instead just practiced from 8-12am. My legs were definitely thankful for that time change. Luckily, we still had fun at Band Camp even if it wasn’t what it usually was, and as always, lots of memories and friendships were made. 

As the marching season continued, I personally feel like I saw everyone’s personality change. As for me, I felt more ready for whatever Mr. Levin or Mr. Houston, our drum instructor, would throw at us. As for everyone else, including myself, I saw many people get closer to their section which solidified the idea that the band is a family. Everyone cherished the four hours we had every week for rehearsal and because of our dedication and determination, we were able to create a show. Although it wasn’t easy, the experience of being a part of something that many people in the CL community look forward to made our goal of performing a show achievable.

We were given the opportunity to perform on October 17th in the football stadium and show our families and the Crystal Lake community our hard work and dedication. Although the weather was a little questionable, we managed to please the crowd, as we always do, and once again, have fun. Although this marching band season wasn’t what most of us expected, I’m proud that we were able to do what we love the most: make people smile with our music. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Drum Majors (Quinn Welder, Ellie Pierzina, and Kyle Roley)










CLC Marching Snare Drum Players (Steven Schmidt, Natalie Virgil, and Connor Hershey)