Small Business Strides

Small Business Strides

Sophia Piro, Staff Writer

In a recent interview with Mr. Paul Hyland of Paul Hyland Salon and Day Spa, we discussed the precautions that Mr. Hyland’s Salon is taking to make clients and staff feel more at ease during the Covid-19 pandemic while ensuring their safety. 

“We are following all CDC regulations, restrictions, and guidelines.” The salon has added partitions in the three main areas of the salon: the nail room, the styling room, and the shampoo room- between each chair. “We have sanitizing routines between each client for chairs and equipment, and we also added in time gaps between clients for proper sanitization.”

He continues by commenting, “Face masks are required for everyone who enters the salon, and everyone’s temperature is checked upon entering. We also require clients to sanitize their hands and fill out a Covid-19 waiver. Staff is required to wash their hands between each client. We enforce social distancing and we have limited the salon to 50% capacity.” 

He adds, “We installed air purification units inside our HVAC system. This system purifies the air with hydrogen peroxide that is produced by the unit. The system minimizes dust and eliminates odors, viruses, allergens, and any kind of pollutants. It does all of this while sanitizing all surfaces while it is working.” Additionally, all service staff and support staff have been certified by Barbicide for Barbicide and Barbicide Covid-19 as well.

Mr. Hyland agrees that his business has been affected by the pandemic. “Clients are making appointments further apart and not coming in as often. Others aren’t coming in because they are reluctant regarding Covid-19. Additionally, revenues are down dollars and cents because we can’t have as many people, but the overhead costs are still there.” He adds that the hours have changed; staff now have the option to work on Sundays, and some are working hours earlier or later than they had prior to Covid-19. 

Paul Hyland Salon and Day Spa is a clean and safe place, and they will continue to be. 

“We will not let anything shift as far as sanitization, cleaning, diligence, or CDC recommendations. As long as we are being regulated and restricted, we will continue to comply. We want clients to know that we will be there for them and that we are not going anywhere.” 

With the holidays approaching quickly this year, you can support one of Crystal Lake’s small businesses by scheduling an appointment for a variety of different services. With several Covid-19 precautions in place, you can feel safe and comfortable while giving yourself some much needed self-care!