LTea Boba Tea Review


Katie Ellison and Alam Lejis

On Sunday, October 11th, Alam Lejis and I set out on a journey to settle a debate on the best boba tea flavor (often referred to as Bubble tea) from a local restaurant: LTea, which was formerly known as Ding Tea. Alam ordered a Taro Milk Tea with Boba and Taro topping while I ordered a Thai Milk Tea with Boba. Both drinks we ordered were the regular 20 ounce size with light ice. We decided to evaluate our ordered drinks based on the following criteria: price, taste, sweetness, and finally, would you order it again? 

Here is Alam’s review:

Name: Taro Milk Tea with Boba and Taro topping

Price: $6.11

Taste: Very milky, tastes like lavender

Sweetness: Perfectly balanced, and it’s refreshing too.

Would you order again?: Yes, without the Taro topping.

Review: I ordered the Taro Milk Tea with Boba and Taro topping. I’ve never had anything Taro flavored and I was quite intrigued as to how it would taste. Taro originates from Southeast Asia but has also made an impact on many Pacific Islands and has become a staple in Hawaiian Cuisine. I chose this flavor because I was interested in trying new things that obviously aren’t native to the Midwest or the U.S. as a whole. I was pleasantly surprised with how the Milk Tea tasted. If I had to describe the taste, I would say it tasted like lavender. Although the tea tasted good, the Taro topping didn’t. It tasted very grainy and I don’t think it complemented the Boba. Just having the tea and Taro would’ve been good in itself, but adding Boba makes it more filling and makes it seem like there’s too much going on. Overall, I would recommend getting it as it tastes quite refreshing and has a unique background. 

And next, my review: 

Name: Thai Milk Tea with Boba

Price: $6.64

Taste: Black tea with milk and sugar, very good (also orange!!)

Sweetness: The perfect amount, not too overpowering while not being bitter.

Would you order it again?: Yes, I enjoyed my drink a lot.

Review: The drink was definitely something different that I hadn’t tried before. It was nice to be able to branch out and expand my taste to different drinks as I usually order their Mango or Lychee Boba Tea. Thai Milk Tea seems to be a staple drink when it comes to Bubble tea and I was very happy I was able to try it. I would overall recommend the drink to anyone who likes the flavor of black tea as it wasn’t too overpowering with flavor or sweetness. The color of the drink also surprised me – I didn’t expect it to be orange! Similarly, I also enjoyed the Boba. It complimented the drinks well and didn’t take away from the flavor. It was overall well cooked and chewy and just the right amount of sugar!