Top 12 Festive Things To Do This Winter Season

Top 12 Festive Things To Do This Winter Season

Sydney Huffman, Staff Writer

As the holidays approach, it’s a time to remember. How are you going to celebrate this holiday season? Although it may look different for some people this year, there is still plenty of joy to be passed around! Here are the top 12 festive activities you and your family can do together while counting down the 12 Days Until Christmas:

12. Decorate for the holidays.

11. Make warm blankets for others and donate them to local charities.

10. Watch a joyful movie.

9. Take a winter walk.

8. Drink hot cocoa or your favorite seasonal drink.

7. Build a snowman for others to see.

6. Drive around with your family and look at festive lights.

5. Get cozy and read a good book.

4. Sing in a family holiday karaoke night.

3. Host a family game night.

2. Bake homemade cookies and desserts.

1. Participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange.