CLC’s Must Take Classes

CLC’s Must Take Classes

Sophia Piro, Staff Writer

There’s no denying that choosing which classes to take can be very difficult. You get handed the course list from your counselor and are instantly overwhelmed with endless options. You may face the question, “Which class would someone have recommended to me?” Here, as a senior, I’ve compiled a list of my three must have classes to take while at CLC!

1- Honors Dual Credit Speech

This class is life changing for people who are nervous about public speaking. It’s only a semester long course, but I guarantee that you will emerge with so much more confidence. Plus, public speaking is a good skill to have once you graduate AND you get college credit! I would recommend this class to anyone, but especially those looking into business and communication/marketing majors. This is usually a senior class that has a moderate workload, but most of that work is practice for your speeches! 

2- Probability and Statistics

Coming from someone who’s worst enemy has always been Math class, Probability and Statistics changed my mind. This class is more useful than you would think; with consistent real world applications, it’s impossible to say, “What’s the point?” I would recommend this class to anyone. This is a class typically for seniors with a very fair workload. 

3- Honors Anatomy and Physiology

This class is great for people that are hands-on learners. There are multiple dissections in this class, and the information you learn is tough but usually easier to understand since it’s the human body. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in pursuing a career in medicine. This class has a moderate workload, but it is definitely tolerable and is usually available for juniors and seniors!