What Does Tiger Pride Mean to You?

What Does Tiger Pride Mean to You?

Sydney Huffman, Staff Writer

“Tiger Pride to me means being part of a family at Central High School. Wearing the orange and black and knowing you’re a part of a good community of people who genuinely care about their fellow Tigers,” states Mrs. Hoekstra, a paraprofessional. 

With second semester and in-person learning recently starting, it’s important for everyone to remember what Tiger Pride means and what it should look like at Crystal Lake Central. Furthermore, it’s vital to hear from people of all ages such as students, teachers, administrators, and alumni. 

Mr. Hermann, a mathematics teacher, says that “To me, Tiger Pride means being part of a community that you care about and that cares about you.  As part of that community, you are included in its ups and downs but are on a constant quest for personal growth.  Even when you graduate, you remain part of that community.  It also humbles me to think about how many people have walked the hallways of CLC over the years.” 

When asking our principal, Dr. Ernd, he said that he had to think a lot about his response. It gave him a chance to reflect and truly realize what Tiger Pride meant to him: “Tiger Pride means an individual or group who acts in a manner of excellence to benefit the community. The culture of success pertains not only to oneself but to the community as a whole. They truly value the Crystal Lake Central community and this is revealed by their purposeful attitude and actions.”

So, what does each Tiger Pride trait mean and represent according to others?

TTeamwork: “Teamwork can be utilized in so many different ways. What teamwork at CLC should look like is the upperclassmen helping the underclassmen. Like taking them under their wing. Teamwork at CLC is helping each other compete in different events like golf and basketball. And non-athletic events like a science project or a group presentation. Honestly, that’s what teamwork at CLC looks like right now and it should continue to look like that in the future.” -Hayden H. (Sophomore)

IIntegrity: “The dictionary says integrity is “the state of being whole and undivided” and while I don’t know what CLC usually looks like, I know we have maintained that very well in the past from stories both older friends have told and even my mom who used to go here. I also know integrity to be the ability to hold oneself to a high standard, regardless of the circumstances. So for now, maintain integrity, and maintain it as well as it has been being maintained so far because the future is only going to test us harder than before.” -Ben H. (Freshman)

GGreatness: “Greatness to me is following the example of Jesus. At CLC, greatness should look like empathy, kindness, forgiveness, and encouragement. Those are some of the most important traits.”  –Avery Wilson (Sophomore & pictured to the right in her Tiger Band uniform)

EEmpathy: “I think at Central, empathy should look like people lifting each other up instead of bringing each other down and really just showing that they care for others even if they’re not friends with them because they would want others to do the same for them.” -Maddie (Freshman)

RRespect: “The most important Tiger Pride trait a CLC tiger can possess is respect. It looks and sounds like the student who says, “thank you” right before they hang up on a zoom call.  It is the teacher who simply asks his/her students, “how are you doing today?” then seeks to help a student in any way imaginable.  It is the compassion faculty and students have for another as they bravely navigate learning together during a pandemic. Respect is to Tiger Pride, as air is to fire.” -Mrs. Levitt (English & Class of ‘95)

PPerseverance: “I think this means never giving up even when you are up against the odds. If you’re struggling in a class, it means not being afraid to ask for help, to seek out other resources of knowledge, and keep trying! I had an AP Music Theory student in tears early in the year because he couldn’t grasp some basics we were covering. That student kept at it and earned a 5 on the AP exam in May! ” -Mr. Levin (Music Department)

RRelationships: “In my opinion, Tiger Pride is rooted in the relationships that have been built here at Central. Over my career, I have worked in other school buildings, and the relationships that have been built here between students, staff, teachers, and our Crystal Lake Central community, are truly what makes Central an amazing place to work and learn!” -Mrs. Galla (Science)

IInnovative: “Innovative to me is being open and comfortable to something new. For me, it is having the courage to try new remote learning ideas, especially when I know something is not working. For students, it is finding ways to persevere.” -Mr. Padjen (Social Science)

DDetermination: “Determination is what causes success. It helps you achieve a goal and it is the driving force to find the finish line. CLC was the fire that gave me the determination to be successful at whatever I do.” -Steve Georgy (Class of ‘96)

EEngaged: “To be engaged is to be present and involved. That involvement created character, memories, and taught us real life lessons. I was engaged in my academics because what I worked hard for, nobody could ever take my educational achievements away from me. I was engaged in sports playing basketball and gaining friendships that carry on today. I engaged in celebrations, challenges, hard work, and pride during my time at CLC. Those lessons and engagement helped shape me of who I am today and for that I am grateful.” -Becky Huffman (Class of ‘96 & my mom and I are pictured to the right)

Judy Hollister, a graduate from the class of ‘57, contributed by saying, “I was lucky to be a CL Tiger during the fabulous 50s. Classmates came from Cary, Fox River Grove, Burton’s Bridge & Prairie Grove. CLCHS was the only high school in the district. We took great pride in our school & lifelong friendships were formed. Class of ‘57 reunions are well attended & small groups known as The Lunch Bunch try to meet every month. We may be old, but Tiger Pride still lives in our hearts.”

Tigers, the CLC community is excited to see how you demonstrate Tiger Pride during second semester.  Thank you for being resilient during a very challenging year!

A freshman sums up Tiger Pride perfectly by putting it as, “I think Tiger Pride means always trying your hardest and pushing yourself!”