Places to Live After High School

Katie Ellison, Staff Writer

Always wondered about traveling abroad after high school, but never knew where to start looking? Worried about the cost of living in a foreign country or not speaking the country’s native language? Don’t worry: we got you covered! Whether you want to travel far or stay near Crystal Lake, everyone will find a place they call home. Here are some beautiful (and relatively inexpensive) places to live after high school.

  • Panama

Panama is a beautiful option located in Central America. They use the U.S. dollar as their currency, so no need to worry about stressful exchange rates. Taxes are also relatively low throughout the country. The capital, Panama City, offers a wide variety of Latin cultural experiences as well as a strong English-speaking community. The average cost of living in Panama City is around $1,100-$1,400 per month, including rent, food, transportation, and excursions. There is plenty to do throughout the entire country whether you’re visiting the Panama Canal, relaxing on the beautiful beaches, or boating on the beautiful blue water. 

Picture Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruises

  • Vietnam

Vietnam offers beautiful architecture throughout the country whether you’re living in a modern city such as Hanoi or an ancient historical site on the outskirts of Vietnam. Vietnam is known for its great local and authentic food such as Pho, a noodle dish. The cost of living is relatively low in Vietnam’s strong economy, and English is widely spoken across the country. The average cost of living in Vietnam averages around $800-$1,100 per month comfortably and can even be as low as $550 per month, depending on where you live. Vietnam offers beautiful beaches as well as an immersive culture throughout the country in a warm environment. 










Picture Credits: Lonely Planet and Daily Maverick



  • South Africa

South Africa is one of the most culturally and naturally diverse countries on the planet. There is so much fun to do across the country – you’ll never get bored! Between safaris, river rafting, zip-lining, and whale watching, you’ll never have trouble finding something exciting! South Africans also widely speak English across the country and have eleven different national languages. Johannesburg, the capital, offers a large city to explore and enjoy different cultures, religions, and languages. The average cost of living in South Africa is around $950-$1,200 per month. 



Picture Credits: World Nomads




  • France

When you think of France, you may think of expensive wine and couture fashion, but the truth is, France might be more affordable than you think.  France offers amazing food, attractions, history, and architecture as well as beautiful scenery. English is widely spoken across France and is common on transportation signs or menus. Temperatures range from a warmer climate towards Southern France and colder temperatures towards Northern France to fit your liking. France also offers a great healthcare system to its citizens at very low prices. The average cost of living in France largely depends on where you live in the country; however, it averages around $1,500-$2,200 per month. 

Picture Credits: The Telegraph

  • Georgia

Located between the Black Sea and Russia, Georgia offers a unique location to countries we’ve looked at before. Georgia offers both a wet climate towards the sea and a colder climate towards the mountains with temperatures varying between 61-78 degrees Fahrenheit. Activities in the country may include visiting amazing architecture in the capital, Tbilisi, or exploring the gorgeous mountain ranges towards the outskirts of the country. The small country is around 26,000 square miles, or about half the size of the state of Georgia, perfect for a close-knit feel in a country. Georgia is considered one of the safest countries in the world to visit along with rather low housing prices. The average cost of living in Georgia is around $900-$1,200 per month.

Picture Credits: The Telegraph

Which destination most appeals to you?  Do you feel the spark to travel?  Email me at [email protected] with other desirable places to live after graduating from CLC.