Senior Spotlight ~ Colin Hehn


Sophia Piro, Staff Writer

Q: What are your future plans following graduation?

A: I plan on attending a four-year university to obtain a degree in Computer Science. I haven’t committed to anywhere for the time being though my options include the University of Illinois, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as the University of Iowa.

Q: What is your intended future occupation?

A: This one remains up in the air at the moment. One part of me wants to become a researcher at a university, another wants to delve into the big tech industry (maybe consulting), and another wants to take on the world of entrepreneurship.

Q: What organizations/clubs have you been a part of at CLC?

A: During my time at CLC, I’ve participated in sports like Lacrosse and Golf but also in organizations like NHS and Student Council. I’m a member of the Computer Club as well, where we compete in regional computer science competitions and develop apps to better the school and community around it.

Q: Who was the most influential teacher you had? Why? 

A: The clear answer for me is Mr. Seaver. I’m truly blessed to have a teacher like him teaching the classes in my occupation of choice. The energy and effort he brings into the classroom and organizations like Computer Club or Track is insane, literally.

Q:  How have you left your mark on the CLC community?

A: First thing that comes to mind is the app that I’m developing with the other students in the Advanced Mobile Apps class. When it’s finished, students will be able to report dangers and concerns on school grounds, so faculty members can address said concerns quickly and effectively. While this isn’t the only thing I’ve contributed during my time at CLC, it was the first thing that popped into my head.