Senior Spotlight ~ Anna Calhan


Sophia Piro, Staff Writer

Q: What are your future plans following graduation?

A: After graduation, I plan on attending Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin. I hope to study English and minor in Communications! 

Q: What is your intended future occupation?

A: I have a few different ideas for my future occupation. I would love to get into the publishing field or become a magazine or book editor. 

Q: What organizations/clubs have you been a part of at CLC?

A: During my time at CLC, I ran Cross Country as well as played Soccer and Basketball. I also participated in Choir and Legacy Club! 

Q: Who was the most influential teacher you had? Why? 

A:  I think the most influential teacher I had was Mrs. Scherrer. Mrs. Scherrer has been my Choir teacher for the past four years at CLC. She has such a positive, bubbly attitude that easily brightens every student’s day. Mrs. Scherrer goes above and beyond to ensure Choir is a fun, safe, and happy place to be. Mrs. Scherrer’s kindness and encouragement are something I will take with me into my future. 

Q:  How have you left your mark on the CLC community?

A:  My time at CLC has been spent with laughter, learning, and growing. I started high school as an anxious freshman, completely unprepared for the experiences and knowledge I would gain throughout my four years. I hope that the values and lessons that have begun to shape my character are shown through my actions and words even after I leave CLC. The mark I left at Central is nothing compared to the mark that CLC left on me, and I look forward to holding onto that well into the future.