Senior Spotlight ~ Lexie Nowak


Sophia Piro, Staff Writer

Q: What are your future plans following graduation?

A: I’ll be attending MCC this fall to obtain my Associate’s Degree and then transferring out of state after graduating to finish earning my Bachelor’s Degree at a 4-year university.

Q: What is your intended future occupation?

A: I plan on studying Business and Marketing when attending MCC and then majoring in Business, specifically in Event Planning once I transfer to a 4-year university.

Q: What organizations/clubs have you been a part of at CLC?

A: I took part in Mrs. Splain’s food club during freshman and sophomore year. I was also a member of the CLC Soccer Team my freshman through junior year until it got cut short due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Q:  Who was your most influential teacher at CLC?

A: Mr. Jauch was my most influential teacher; he helped me a lot with both school and work questions when needed. He also helped when it came to anything college-related as I had him for my Marketing and Business classes.

Q: How have you left your mark on CLC?

A: I think that the mark that I left was in my time as soccer captain during sophomore year. I tried my hardest to keep the team motivated during good and bad games and practices. I hope the legacy that I left was one in my teammates’ mindsets to always stay positive and look towards the bright side of things.