Activities to do in the Snow


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Kids riding sledding slide. Snow landscape, winter snowy fun activities. Sled speed riding or childhood holiday sledge ride game activity vector illustration

Hannah Petersen, Staff Writer

The first snowfall is always magical.  Everything seems to stop so everyone can witness its beauty, signifying the beginning of the holiday season and the official start of winter.  As we get older and busier with school, college applications, and admittance, family, extracurriculars (and the list goes on) it’s important not to forget the happy little things given us when we were younger.  So for just a few minutes, step outside! Bundle up, of course, get a group of friends or younger siblings and do one or all of these snow-related activities.


Snowball fight – If you’re the competitive type, a snowball fight might be a blast for you! Get a group of friends together, find an open space, and have at it.  Warning: Rivalries may ensue.


Sledding – If you want something more laid back and relaxed, sledding might be a great activity for you. This is also a perfect activity to do with family and or younger siblings. 


Skiing/snowboarding – If you are more coordinated and active, you might like going skiing or snowboarding.  Be sure to be safe and wear a helmet.  Definitely stick to the smaller slopes if you’re a newbie!


Stay inside – If you don’t want to be out in the cold, you can stay inside and enjoy the beauty of snow instead! Brew a cup of hot cocoa, tea or coffee, put on a good tv show, or read a good book and enjoy the beauty of the cozy winter season from the comfortability of your own home.


Whatever you like to do during the wintertime, make sure you take time to enjoy it as well as all of the aspects of life that become irrelevant as we get older and busier.  Sometimes the little things are what make life so much better.