Little Women: A Timeless Novel


Staff Writer

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is such a great book; I have read it over 20 times,  and every time, it reminds me of what matters most. It is perfect for the season because it begins at Christmas time. There are a total of five key characters: Josephine (otherwise known as Jo) is the writer of the family and also the most stubborn, Meg is the fashion sense of the family and also the oldest of the girls, Beth is the most caring and loving girl, who enjoys playing piano and singing, Amy is the quiet artist, and finally their mother, Mrs. March is caring and compassionate towards her daughters and very wise. As the story progresses, you watch each girl grow through all the struggles and triumphs. It might not sound like much at first glance, but after reading it through, it is still to this day my favorite to read. I love how the story can melt my heart.

It’s currently available at the CLC library, CLPL, and Project Gutenberg (a free site from which you can read many more public domain books). If you liked the book, there is also a movie based on this book. Keep reading and have a happy holiday!