Holiday Movies


Alam Lejis, Staff Writer

Enjoy the holiday season with these nostalgic throwback holiday movies for every genre!


The Ultimate Christmas Present (Family/Comedy)

Two teens manage to make it snow in Los Angeles through a weather machine they find in the woods but after a turn of events, things go awry.

Miracle on 34th Street (Family/Fantasy)

A man claiming to be Santa Claus is met with speculations but a young girl, Susan, and her mother, Dorey, come to his defense.
The Nightmare Before Christmas (Fantasy/Family)

Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, discovers Christmastown which consequently gives him the idea to bring Christmas under control.

Black Christmas (Horror/Slasher)

A group of sorority girls is harassed and stalked by a killer during the holiday season as they prepare for Christmas.

The Princess Switch (Romance/Comedy)

A duchess and an ordinary woman from Chicago who look alike switch places the days leading up to Christmas in which they fall for each other’s lovers.