Heartless Book Review


Staff Writer

Consider reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer.  Check out the review below!

Wonderland is at peace before the time of the Queen of Hearts. At this time, the Queen of Hearts is still sane; in fact, Catherine is an ambitious young woman who wants to open her own bakery with her friend. Her parents have a different idea of what she should be, wanting her to be the picture-perfect daughter of their dreams. She is often forced to do things that she would have preferably never done.

When a court joker arrives at a ball that Catherine attends, things take a turn. The king of Wonderland not only expresses his love to Catherine, but the court joker seems to have taken an interest in her as well. Soon she’s torn between her friend, her parents, and the new court joker. When a jabberwocky crashes into Wonderland, Catherine is thrown into a quest where she must now save Wonderland from the feared jabberwocky without losing her sanity, her soul, or her heart. In this twist on the backstory for the Queen of Hearts, Marissa Meyer creates a story that will keep you on your toes! 

This is available from CLC, the CLPL, and on Sora (audiobook).