Flower Gift Guide

Hannah Petersen, Staff Writer

Everyone loves getting flowers on special occasions whether it’s anniversaries, birthdays, performances, or Valentine’s Day which is quickly approaching. However, did you know different floral arrangements have different meanings? Be sure you are sending the right message to that special someone or loved one this Valentine’s Day with this flower guide.

Rose ~ Of course the classic rose had to be included. A rose is well known to be a symbol of love and a safe bet if you don’t know what else to get. This flower is perfect to give in a bouquet for a grand gesture or if you are looking for something more low-key, just as one to serve as a token of appreciation and of course, love. Roses come in many colors and can be customized to the likes of the person who will receive them. (Different colors mean different things, so check the second link at the bottom of the page to learn more!)


Daisy ~ Daisies are often overlooked when picking flowers but are so pretty and timeless. They signify loyalty and youth to the person they are gifted to and are perfect for friends, family, and significant others.


Hydrangeas ~ Many people grow hydrangeas in a garden, but you can give them to people as gifts as well! Besides being pretty, they also send the message of an apology. (Definitely perfect if you forgot an anniversary or special occasion.)


Amaryllis ~ This is a slightly obscure flower but signifies a very endearing message. The Amaryllis flower means beauty beyond physical appearance. Often society places too much value on the importance of physical appearance. Giving this to someone might be a good way to compliment them on something more meaningful and deeper. Perfect for a positive, intelligent, or open-minded family member, significant other, or friend.


Chrysanthemum ~ This flower means wishes of positivity and a good future. If there is a meaningful person in your life, this is the perfect flower. For example, it could be a going-away gift as a wish of good luck in future endeavors.


As you can see, flowers are not just for couples! Neither is Valentine’s Day. On a day like this, giving flowers to a family member or best friend is a really great way to show the appreciation you have for them in your life. With this flower guide, you can mix and match to send the right message and ensure that the special people in your life feel appreciated and loved.


Rose Color Meanings: https://fiftyflowers.com/blogs/flowers/rose-color-meanings