St. Patrick’s Day Around the Globe


Carsyn Colby, Staff Writer

  Many people see St. Patrick’s Day as an Irish holiday, but St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all around the world and in many different ways. Some of these countries celebrate in quirky and fun ways! This is a list of some unique ways people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! 


  • The Caribbean Islands

On the small island of Montserrat, they honor their Irish Refugees by giving their island the nickname “Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.” They celebrate by having a parade with all sorts of floats and bright green-colored clothing! They even stamp passports with little shamrocks to recognize Irish history. 

  • Sydney, Australia

Sydney is known to have one of the biggest celebrations right behind Dublin! This celebration consists of a parade that has “Paddy Markets” which are markets filled with signature Irish dishes. You can also find live music at these parades. Lastly, at night, they light up the Sydney Opera House a bright emerald green. 

  • Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo holds a spectacular parade down the street through Omotes Sando. Almost 2,000 participants are there to watch the large crowd of people with green clothing walk down the street. In addition, for adults, they sell $7 beers at pubs. 

  • Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is known to be the first major city to celebrate St . Patrick’s Day besides Dublin. Auckland celebrates by lighting a 1076 foot skyscraper to match the color of a shamrock. They also carry a giant Irish flag down the street to end at Fleadh, in which you can hear traditional Irish music and get a taste of Ireland. 

  • Chicago, USA

In the windy city, they have a very quirky way of celebrating. Chicago dyes the Chicago River a bright green. Another way that the city of Chicago celebrates is the Celtic festivals and lots of live Irish music playing around the city.


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