Ways To Help The Ukrainians


Carsyn Colby, Staff Writer

The devastating destruction in Ukraine is very upsetting to watch on TV. However, there are many ways you can help the citizens of Ukraine. Take a moment to read through some options to help Ukrainians. 

  1. Donate to organizations

CARE- Helping give people hygiene kits, food, and psychosocial support services.  DONATE HERE

UNICEF- They are helping to repair schools that were destroyed, so kids can still get an education and have emergency relief. The children have been massively affected by this. DONATE HERE

Medical Teams International- They are collecting money to send medical kits to the region. All proceeds go towards helping to collect medicine/ medical kits. DONATE HERE

2. Ways to take part in the action

Join a peace protest- To show your support, you can walk in a nearby peaceful protest against the war. Chicago is holding one soon in  Millenium Park, protesting against Russia. 

3. Stay informed

The New Voice of Ukraine- This news station provides coverage in three different languages. Not only does it cover the news, but it also explains how we got to this point. It is a great way to stay current. 

The Kyiv Independent – This news outlet is showing a timeline of the situation and helping people see what the citizens are experiencing. The Kyiv Independent is also showing how the war is impacting the economy and Ukrainian politics.

Please consider helping in any of these ways to assist the Ukrainians. Any other suggestions, email me @[email protected].