James and the Giant Peach Q+A with Emily Peschke

James and the Giant Peach Q+A with Emily Peschke

Hannah Petersen, Staff Writer

Q: Could you give a brief synopsis of James and the Giant Peach? Who are your favorite characters?

A: After his parents die, a young boy by the name of James Henry Trotter gets sent to live with his two mean and zany aunts. One day, he’s visited by a mystical being who offers him a fantastical solution to his real-world problems. The next day, the boy and his aunts discover a large peach that James would later find himself embarking on adventures within. He meets a group of bugs and together they explore the world and make memories along the way!”


Q: Who would enjoy James?

A: The show is very interactive and includes elements for children and adults! No matter what your age, expect to have a good time, prepare for audience participation, and get ready to embrace your inner child!


Q: What do you like most about the theater department in general?

A: What’s so great about the theater department is that no matter who you are, there’s a place for you. Not only are the people inviting but what we create together typically is an outstanding product. No matter what your place in production is, you can rest assured that you are making something incredible, with incredible people. 


Q: What is your favorite production you have ever been a part of?

A: Noises Off! Boy oh boy, that show was a wild ride. Not only was the writing some of the best I’ve ever seen, but the cast truly managed to put a type of CLC spin on the script that you couldn’t find anywhere else! The show was so difficult to learn but what we created in the end was not only fun for us as actors but the audience was in tears with laughter. That show was a great outlet for improvisers (there were many of us) to use the stage in a new and exciting way and to provide the audience with a show unlike any other on the CLC stage.