Ready, Set, Science


Anastasia Boring, Staff Writer

The Science Olympic team has been running for over two decades at CLC. Mr. Gattone, the Science Olympics coach for 10 years, has hopes for the new year.  During the interview, Mr. Gattone shared what he loves most about the Science Olympics. 

“Nowhere else in any class or any other club do you see kids generally leaping out of their seats excited about thermal dynamics or ornithology or astronomy. They get so competitive and excited and emotional about it. That’s what I love most.” 

The Science Olympics team is looking forward to getting out and competing in public again.   They believe that true Science Olympics are both showing your competitive side and having fun.  

“Just doing science, the idea behind Science Olympics, is just a competitive event.  I’m not good at sports, so coming here, I get to do cool things,”  said senior  Braden Larson.  Larson is a fourth year competing member.  He also wanted to express that “it’s just a really fun time, and I enjoy the friendships that I make… and just doing it.”

The teams are ready to get out and start learning and growing together this year with new events, captains, and just new friends.  The teams will have their first official competition on November 19th at Palatine High School.  Come cheer them on!  There is still time to join the Science Olympics team. Bring your excitement and curiosity, and reach out to Mr. Gattone with any questions!