Starbucks: From Boring to Fresh

Alexis Cooper, Staff Writer

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Starbucks’ ratings seem to have decreased in recent years, and it only changes when Christmas is here.Why is that?

Starbucks produces green cups during the majority of the year which is veryboring; most people don’t like the same thing every year, but I see more people come through around the holidays. The flavors haven’t changed from year to year; there is nothing wrong with those, but more people, myself included, go to Starbucks around the holidays. It’s more enjoyable to see more color in the shop. Plus the season sales are up and running, and this helps people to afford gifts for loved ones and friends. Everyone loves Starbucks, but some can’t afford it everyday, so buying a gift card helps lighten the load when people really need their coffee.

I admire the white and red Christmas colors, and it makes me feel more at home.  The festive decorations get patrons into the Christmas spirit. The green cups every single day become boring, but the white and red during the holiday season is a refreshing way to end the year. The red and white is also seen in some of the food choices such as the cake pops.  In terms of switching to red cups during the holidays, senior Dylan May says, “I think it will attract more people to Starbucks.”  Sophomore Matt Noack agrees, but he also comments that “it’s just for profit.”  Whatever the reason, I think we can all agree that there’s nothing better than a warm drink from Starbucks during this chilly winter season.