Gotham “Knock Knock:” Who’s There? The Maniax, that’s who!

Gotham “Knock Knock:” Who's There? The Maniax, that's who!

Zach Rainey, Staff Writer

Warning!!!!! Spoilers!!!!!!! You have been warned!!!! So Speaks The Mighty Tiger God!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotham- Season 2, Episode 2 “Knock Knock”

The second episode of FOX’s hit show,Gotham, and the second review! This episode is even better than the last one! We get to see those criminals the Galavans broke out in action! Get some major changes! The introduction to Lucius Fox! And the maybe Joker in action!

In the highlights of this episode, we get the Maniax, the criminals who were freed last episode, save for Barbara, who’s just chilling until the end of the episode. They are lead by Jerome, the proto Joker! Jerome is honestly, in my opinion, a perfect mix of the previous Joker incarnations; he is as comedic, sadistic, sociopathic, ruthless, and inhuman as some of the best Joker incarnations, murdering his allies purely because they annoyed him and willing to take suicidal risks with that Russian Roulette part just to prove a point….Hooray!!!! The Galavans put on a interesting performance, capturing the mayor and using both torture methods and psychological manipulation to get what they want,  getting him to step down as mayor. Also, they say they’re bringing monsters to cleanse the city, whom at this point I’m assuming is the Maniax, those criminals lead by Jerome (by the way I’m not crazy about the name), but we will have to see. We also get another short scene with Edward Nygma descending into his destiny of Riddle-Dom! The Gordon stuff was pretty interesting; Gordon tries to get Harvey back into the force, which he declines but comes back after the…incident…which we will cover in a second, and the Essen and Gordon exchange was pretty good, really showing how much of a strong female character Essen is!

One of my favorite parts was, surprisingly, Bruce’s stuff! He and Alfred’s exchanges I found very good! They use both Bruce’s immaturity and maturity quite well, and Alfred’s dedication and respect for Bruce by breaking the computer! Along with the introduction to……. Lucius Fox! Bruce’s new computer guy! Remember him from last season? He was the guy who put Bruce on the path to the door; I’m hoping for good things from him! Finally the most intense part is where the Maniax attack the GCPD, and Proto Joker does something terrible; no, not killing that cannibal guy; I’m pretty sure anyone who knows the Joker saw that coming the moment they butted heads.  Jerome killed Essen! And she was just a few days from re…no, wait, no…sorry ….she just got a promotion! There really are no holds barred this season, and I am personally liking it.

The things I didn’t like we’re nitpicks; mostly I didn’t like how they killed off Essen. In concept, I didn’t mind; killing off important characters isn’t bad to set the tone or to move the plot along, but she was one of the only strong female character! She will be missed. Also the Maniax name is  kind of lame.

Overall, in my opinion, this is my favorite episode of the season so far. There is barely anything wrong! The maybe or maybe not Joker is great! I enjoyed the Bruce stuff, and nearly everything else was great. This episode put the bar high, Let’s see if the future episodes will do it justice. And remember kiddies…Don’t screw with the Joker!