The Year of the Crazies


Gabi Ryan, Fine Arts Editor

Pictured from the left: Wittenberg, Ruffolo, and Patadia


Without a doubt, one of the greatest traditions among Central students is being in the Crazies section. From a freshman in the furthest back rows, to a senior in the front, attending games has never grown old. Known for our energy, our fan section is like no other with leaders who have the personalities and attitudes to keep an enormous group of kids energetic while promoting a sense of togetherness. In an interview with some key seniors that lead the Crazies, they discussed the meaning of the Crazies, importance of freshmen, and what they’ve learned. 

Q- How would you describe the journey from a freshman to a senior as a Central Crazy?

Anthony Ruffolo (Chubz): “The journey is like no other.People may think it’s not a big deal, but it’s awesome. As a freshman I looked up to the leaders, wanting to become them one day. We would do things they would, so they are huge role models to the freshmen. As a freshman, I dreamed of leading the Crazies.”

Q- How would game nights be different without the fan section?

Roshan Patadia (Big Brown)- “Overall the school’s cohesion would not be there. We come out to support our school and our team which I feel like amps up our players because they know their friends are out there to support them.”

Q-What’s the best part about being a Central Crazy?

Adam Wittenberg- “My favorite part is how everyone can come together to support the school. It doesn’t matter if you’re next to your best friends or complete strangers, it’s always fun.”

Q- What tips would you give freshmen regarding coming to football games?

AW- “I would say just come out and don’t be afraid to get weird, and make sure you can get loud.”

RP- “Have fun and be loud.”

AR- “Buy crazy outfits for each theme freshman year because the themes remain mostly the same throughout the years, so then you can re-wear them all four years.”

Q-How has being a Crazy changed you?

AW- “It’s intensified my love for CLC.”

RP- “I will always love CLC.”

AR- “I have changed into a man who LOVES CLC, no matter if they win or lose.”

As your time progresses here at Central, the repeated phrase “These four years really fly by” does not sink in until you start your rounds of “lasts.” Last Homecoming, last Central vs. South game, you name it. Make memories at every chance you get, especially on game day. Those are the days you will look back upon when remembering  your time at Central.

Get weird. Get loud. Get crazy.crazies

Photos Courtesy of Cassie Pokora