Left Questioning

Esha Gourikrishna, Staff Writer

Dear Someone We Looked Up To,

Recently, you have vanished from our lives.

Without even a single clue, you were gone.

Initially, there was no room in our brains for anything but questions.

For a while, each day felt like a repeat of the day before.

Stuck with the same questions,

Stuck with no answers.

But now, the dejection is settling in.

Now, everyone knows.

It’s hard to express these feelings when no one around you wants to address it.

While we were rife with rumors, our guides were kept silent.

Does everyone think this is a joke?

Those will never know the effect this will have on us.

Undoubtedly, you changed our lives.

The lessons you taught will never be forgotten.

You made us better.

Now, all of this has been questioned.

You were supposed to be someone who understood us.

You were supposed to be someone who was there for us.

You were supposed to be someone who was never wrong.

You were supposed to be someone who was simply, good.

Yet, we are all left wondering,

Do we even know the person we trusted and loved?

Recently, there has been a change in some of our lives. Many students are in grief at the moment, so I’d like to use this platform to simply say that this is not something to laugh about. Many people are deeply affected by this recent occurrence, and support from our peers is what is needed at this time. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is easy to forget that relations look different to the people inside them. Therefore, I urge you to be kind, thoughtful, and sensitive to those who are hurting. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on the matter; however, we should not use this as grounds to invalidate and hurt other people’s feelings. Although 2016 is coming to an end, let’s not wait until New Years to start a resolution: Let’s work to be a more kind, more loving, more supportive group of people. I know that as Tigers, we can achieve this goal.