Anjali Patel & Esha Gourikrishna, Staff Writers

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Everyone enjoys the spirit of the holidays! Some enjoy gathering around the Christmas tree, eating a scrumptious meal on Thanksgiving, or both with the presence of their friends and family. Others simply enjoy the holidays for the mere spirit and joy of celebrations. Yet, different cultures have different holidays to celebrate. Diwali is just one example of a great Hindu holiday that brings friends and families together.

Diwali, India’s new year, is a holiday celebrated by most of the Indian population. On the day of Diwali, women and men dress up in traditional Indian outfits such as choli tops, dupatta scarves, and lehengas. Afterwards, they go to the temple where they pray to the Indian gods and goddesses. Once the men and women leave the temple, they typically get together with friends and family and enjoy a nice Indian meal as they celebrate the new year. Furthermore, as Diwali is defined as “the Festival of Lights,” people usually light fireworks and sparklers to celebrate. Candles are lit as far as the eye can see in order to ensure light even when there is darkness.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Diwali, etc., the holidays are always a joyful time where families and friends come together. For Indians, that holiday is Diwali, a time where you can celebrate the new year with your loved ones.