15 Things Only Upperclassmen Remember

Gabi Ryan, Fine Arts Editor

A World Without Kahoot, Bosco Sticks and Vocabulary Quizzes in Gym Class

1. These iconic cookies from the cafeteria freshman year


2. Rick Forrester and his Butterfingers.


3. No freshmen being allowed to take AP classes (Perhaps a good thing..?)


4. Going to the computer lab every time you needed to use a computer


5. DJ performances and photo booths from these guys during lunch of Sno-coming Week


6. Mr. Thiel and his tennis ball throwing days


7. Silent Study hall


8. Racing to the library for study hall to avoid Silent Study hall


9. The winter performing arts assembly…feat. The Orchesis Class


10. Ancient Civ, Change and Rev, and 19th & 20th


11. The ultimate duo of Dean Shutters and Dean Grenier


12. Free Fries Friday. You are sorely missed. RIP.


13. The OG Math Center and English Center


14. These little blessings in disguise that you could buy from the vending machines

15. Those three snow days in a row the weekend before finals in 2013…Never forget.