Trendy or Trashy?


Kyshirra Williams, Staff Writer

A new year means new trends. What’s going to be trendy this year? And what trends need to be left behind in 2016? Now, I want to start off by saying that people do what they want, and we all should keep doing whatever we think is good for our lives. There have been a lot of trends this year from eyebrow shading to big lips etc. and some of these trends that people think are cute have gone overboard and really need to end. I guess it’s why people need to decide for themselves whether these trends are really the way to ring in the new year.

Let’s start with the trend of people saying  #goals for everything. Some of these #goals are not even real goals. #boyfriendgoals #couplegoals #baggoals #nogoals; using #goals for everything makes goals not even goals anymore because when people say #goals for everything, they are essentially saying that object or thing is everything. Using #goals for everything has evolved into people actually making unrealistic goals and setting low standards for themselves. Just because something looks good and you might think that it is essential to life, it doesn’t mean it’s #goals. Let’s find real goals to actually uplift ourselves and others. Whatever happened to setting goals that you actually want to accomplish? #goals from 2016 is dead this year.

Moving on, we all know what the media can do to people. The media has been creating an overall female image of what they think looks perfect, and a lot of young girls see this; it creates insecurity for them. Now I am not trying to say that having big lips are bad, but I think the trend of overly lining lips needs to be left behind in 2016. When it gets to the point where you can see the lines, it looks bad and I’ve always just wondered, why? Why do girls have to feel so insecure about their lips and themselves that they have to shade big lips on? The answer is: they don’t. Imagine if everyone defied the media and this trend and just decided to wear their natural lips. Other girls and people wouldn’t feel the need to have to look like the girls on TV and overline their lips. If you do still bring this trend into 2017, a tip is: don’t go extreme with it. It’s time to be body positive; we need to start promoting self-confidence in the way we look today. Show your true self and be proud of what you have whether it’s small lips or natural big lips.

If you’re a guy, you probably don’t have this trending problem, but I know you’ve seen it, and it’s not hard to miss. Especially when it’s really bright — the highlight trend. When girls add too much highlight to their faces, it takes away from the actual concept of what the highlight is supposed to do. Makeup is cool, and I even use makeup sometimes, but when you take it to the extreme to where all you see are shiny parts that look like glitter on your face, it becomes awful. The highlight starts to blind people when it should look natural. Highlighter should add to your structure and make your face look slimmer. The trend for highlighting your face should be dialed back especially if you’re bringing it into 2017.

Another overly done trend that needs to end is dabbing. When people dab after every sentence, why is it so funny? The answer is: it’s truly not.  It was just something that was trending, so then everyone started to do it, but now it is old and needs to go.

These are all trends that did not make sense in the year of 2016. The question is whether to bring them into 2017 or to leave them behind. Reiterating the statement before, it is a choice for us individually, and we can all do as we please. Other trends to leave behind include posting pictures and videos smoking, wearing the dog filter, insanely drawn on eyebrows, posting ‘all lives matter,’ leaving troll comments, and showing belfies and clefies, etc. New Year’s is over, and we all have this year to start over.I hope that we can make our world a better place this year by choosing our trends carefully and making great goals to be the humans we set out to become in this world as leaders. Let 2017 be a year of laughs and confidence and uplifting moments. With that said, I hope everyone has a great year!