All Your Prom Questions Answered!

All Your Prom Questions Answered!

With prom just around the corner, many students asked the CLC Orange and Black Newspaper questions they had about this year’s prom at the Shedd. Below are the answers to the questions asked:


Will we have snacks on the bus this year? Or should we eat a big lunch?

No snacks will be provided. Definitely, eat a hearty lunch; dinner is not served until 8ish.


What is the theme?

“The Story of Tonight” – Hamilton


Is it better to make the prom proposal cute and for everyone to see or cute and private?

It really depends on the person; if you’re in a relationship, you may feel more comfortable doing a public prom proposal.


Do you spend more time sitting at the tables or walking around and talking?

You have some flexibility in what you do on this night.  There’s lots to see. There are places to sit and socialize or the opportunity to move around and talk with your friends.  The terrace provides a fantastic view of the Chicago skyline.  One of the reasons we like the Shedd Aquarium venue is because people that don’t enjoy dancing can view the fish and aquatic animals.   

What does our $120 go toward?  

The $120 covers the cost of dinner, facility fees, transportation, and DJ expenses.  

Are there chaperones or teachers there?

The chaperones are comprised of administrators, teachers, and support staff.

What kind of dancing goes on if any?

All kinds – the dance floor is usually busy once the DJ start playing.  

Do people mostly go as couples or friends?

It appears that many of the students are going as friends. Even most “couples” are just good friends.  

What if you don’t have enough people at your table?   

There are 10 places at each table.  Some students don’t complete the table form because they are not going with a large group.  We place those couples at available openings.

How can I convince my friend to go?  

Try asking nicely or have the friend talk to students that attended prom at the Shedd last year.

Can my friend bring her boyfriend who is 21, but he graduated from Central?

Unfortunately, no your guest has to be under 21 years of age.  


What should you do if you don’t have a date?   

You can go with a friend or group of friends.


What is the dress code for prom?    

Formal wear.


Could I bring somebody from Faith Lutheran School?    

Sure, fill out the guest form and have one of the deans sign it.


Why is it so expensive? Why don’t we just fundraise money, so it would cost less?

We are always open to fundraising.  In order to have a successful fundraiser, we would need students that are willing to commit time and effort.


What if I don’t know how to dance/know any dance moves? Will other people judge me if I look stupid while I’m dancing?

Prom is all about having a good time and escaping the stress of reality; if you want to dance but don’t know how, just dance. No one will judge you. Dancing is encouraged whether it’s good or bad.


What should we bring in terms of extra accessories? (ie. bag? flip flops/extra shoes?/money? etc.)

The Shedd requires shoes to be worn at all times.  They strictly enforce this rule. If your dress shoes are not comfortable enough to wear all night, you might want to consider bringing shoes to dance in.  Last year, students wore flip flops/Converse.  You do not need to bring money.  Your ticket price covers everything.  You might want to bring a camera to capture all of your friends looking great.


What if I don’t have a table of exactly ten people?
We’ll find some fantastic students to join you and complete your table of ten.

How bad is it to go without a date?

It’s not bad at all; many people either take a friend or go with a friend as their date.


What kind of food? What kind of music?

Attendees will enjoy a buffet dinner consisting of a Garden Green Salad, Chicken Breast Piccata, Pasta with Basil Marinara, Vegetable Medley Sauté, Roasted Red Skin Potatoes, and Assorted Mini Dessert Squares and Pastries. Please contact the sponsors regarding special dietary needs. Music is controlled by the DJ.


Can sophomores attend?

Sophomores must be a guest of a junior or senior to attend.

I’m interested in going to prom; however, I would like to my cousin to be with with me, and she goes to a different high school. Is it allowed?

You can bring your cousin as your guest.  You will need to complete the guest form and have one of the deans sign the form.


Is a short dress acceptable?

Sure, if it’s a formal dress.


Should I bring a change of shoes?

Bring a change of shoes or wear comfy shoes under your long dress. If you’re going to wear heels all night, break them in beforehand


Is it okay to not have a date?

Most people attend with someone else.  It doesn’t have to be a date. It could be a friend.  Occasionally we have a student that comes alone.


What should I do if my date ditches me at the last minute?

You still have your table of friends that will make it a special night.  Your table could be cancelled if your date bails and hasn’t paid you.


Is there any way the cost could be cut down for prom tickets?

Prom is an expense. We tried to reduce costs as much as possible.  Students have indicated that they want a special experience for their prom.  We would need to reduce our transportation and venue costs.  It is difficult to find banquet venues closer to home that can accommodate the number of individuals that attend prom. The other option is to have students participate in fundraisers.  Unfortunately, it’s been a few years since we’ve had students willing to commit time to participate in a fundraiser. The last fundraiser we did resulted in a loss of money due to lack of participation.


Should I wear my hair up or down?

It depends on your dress; you might get sweaty if your hair is down.


We have 10 people to sit at our prom table, but we have one more couple that would like to sit with us and and they have no one else to sit with. Is 12 at a table okay?

No, only 10 people are allowed per table.