Tigers on the Field

Tigers on the Field

RJ Cruz, Staff Writer

Crystal Lake Central is known to have a variety of sports and activities in which many students participate. From football to mathletes, Central truly has a huge variety for all to join. I took time to interview a fellow student who is currently with our very own CLC Soccer team. After ending a good season, I wanted to see what it was like to be on the team:

  • What’s your name and age/grade?

Evan Williams, 17, Senior.

  • What is your Number and Position in the CLC Soccer team?

#48, Defender.

  • How long have you played soccer?

8 ½ years.

  • How long have you played soccer with the CLC Team?

All 4 years.

  • Do you enjoy the sport and what do you enjoy about it?

Absolutely, it is a great way to create a stronger bond between friends and even lower classmen.

  • How often do you guys practice?

Every day except Sunday.

  • Would you hope to see more peers and students in the audience at your games?

It would be cool to see more people show up than just parents but it’s alright either way.

  • How are the coaches?

Coaches are good; they are strict and disciplined.

  • Any advice for beginning soccer players?

Don’t be afraid of the ball and the other team; if you play confidently, you’ll intimidate them. And don’t be afraid of getting hurt.

As you can see, there’s often more to it than it seems, but regardless of what you do and what activity you may choose, it doesn’t take long until you become a “family.”