It Can’t Happen Here – But it Will October 26-28, so Buy a Ticket!!!


Aidan Doak, Staff Writer

Our school’s plays are always masterpieces, and the fall play, “It Can’t Happen Here” is no exception. Mitchell Dziewior plays the lead, Doremus Jessup. Jessup speaks out against Buzz Windrip, the fascist leader of America during the 30s and 40s. Mitchell Dziewior appreciates his character because “he believes in free speech, stands up for what is right, and will do anything to protect those he loves.” Doremus and Justin Rosales’s character, Pascal, provide something more to the play than just light hearted jokes. Their humor is thought-provoking, and they speak out for what they believe is right.

While Mitchell plays a character who is the first to directly speak out against Buzz Windrip, Pascal, played by Justin Rosales, represents what is missing in everyday American politics: a third and fresh point of view. It is why Justin loves his role as Pascal so much “because it was never [Justin’s] perspective.” Pascal is essential in the play because he makes both sides of the argument reevaluate their own views. While today, people have a tendency to be close minded about the opinions of others. As Justin said, “some people pick their political sides faster than picking a prom outfit.”

While the play is based off the intense and controversial politics of today’s world, it is still loads of fun to be take part in. Brian Heffernan, who plays a friend to Doremus Jessup, says “it’s been amazing to meet people and act and experience this play.” It is clear that our wonderfully talented friends have put together a show that is sure to entertain and humor all who make the wise decision to buy a ticket. Personally, I can’t wait to see everyone get up on stage and put on an amazing show. Go tigers and come see the fall play!