Tiger Pride Involvement Guide


Zach Rainey, Entertainment Editor

Extracurricular activities are a staple of the high school experience. Many movies, shows, and comics with the high school setting utilize them as a common plot device for good reason. Clubs are just as much a part of the school experience as actual education. That being said, the actual act of joining a club may be daunting to some or seen as a waste of time. Well, look no further! Taken from the words and thoughts of some of the most experienced, well versed, and involved students that call CLC home, we have compiled a general consensus on why being involved will create your best high school memories.

These students include:
-Tara Nelson, a senior girl involved in dance team, band, student council, NHS, track, and senior mentors
-Mia Zebell, another senior who is our good standing student council president, has been involved in volleyball, and is a member of choir
-Colin Heffernan, a junior who is involved in band, scholastic bowl, theater, cross country, and math team
-Liam O’Donnell, a member of the wrestling and football team, NHS, and Legacy Club

What has being involved given you on a personal level?

All would agree that the clubs they have participated in have given them valuable experiences. This includes confidence in Liam O’Donnell’s case, personal improvement in Colin’s, and above all friendship found in their activities that has lasted to this day. To quote Mia Zebell, “I have met some of my closest friends and developed incredible relationships with people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met if I didn’t decide to join those activities.”

Would you say being involved has helped prepare you for your future and/or given you opportunities for the future?

The clubs each of them associate with have given them experience and influence to help them in the future. Common responses were leadership, confidence in saying their opinions and breaking out of the norm, and experiences for their college future.

Why would you say you support the school so much with your involvement?

Why do they support this school? Because of the ideals they find so dear: individuality in being oneself, a grander community found in these differences, and to discover this school is a fun place without judgement.

Would you say being involved makes the school experience a better one?

Yes! To quote Colin, “It definitely does. Being involved makes coming to school more enjoyable and gives me something to look forward to every day.”

What would you say to someone who is hesitant/doesn’t know how to get involved?

“Try at least one activity and something you’re interested in!” said Tara. There are many clubs for you to potentially try. Both Tara and Colin are involved in five clubs and have tried others in the past. If you’re having difficulty knowing how to get involved, simply talk to your teachers, friends, and other persons involved. It will be well worth the risks for the potential of new lifelong friendships and experiences.

Has being involved as much as you are improved your academic ability in any way?

This one can vary between individuals. But the most common response between the four of them is that it has given them better time management skills. Time management is necessary when being involved in clubs and overall improves a lifelong skill necessary for the real world.

What would be your advice to anyone who is afraid that being too involved will take away from their sleep/personal life?

It cannot be denied clubs do take time, and you’ll have to sacrifice time from your day and maybe not get as much sleep as you’d prefer. That’s why it’s important to pick the club or clubs that mean something to you; if you’re going to give your precious time to something, make sure it’s something you actually care about. Time is the ultimate resource, and you have to spend it wisely.

Has your involvement in school given you any college opportunities?

Clubs are a great way to garner potential scholarships. Clubs like NHS, sports, Science Olympiad, and others can provide you an extra blip on the college radar. Being involved shows your passions and potential which is something all colleges look for in one way or another. All the interviewees love their passions; don’t you think you should give it a try?

Any last tidbits or words of wisdom?

To end, let’s get their final words:
Tara Nelson: “Don’t be afraid to get involved and try something new. There are so many good opportunities!”
Mia Zebell: “I would say that being involved has many advantages and it’s so important. If one is whole hearted about joining a club, join! If one is on the fence, I would encourage them to join! It will impact someone in more ways than they could imagine. I’m so happy with how my involvement has impacted me, and I hope I can encourage people to get involved so that they can reap the benefits as well.”
Colin Heffernan: “Participation in clubs and activities are, in my mind, essential for one’s high school experience.”
Liam O’Donnell: “Be your own Alpha.”