Top Five Final Exam Tips

Top Five Final Exam Tips

Easton Walsh, Staff Writer

With finals being before Christmas break this year, here are the top 5 tips to prepare for final exams compiled from many studies.

  1. Make Sure you Study!

This may be obvious, but with the education system lowering the percent of final exams, it will only cause students to not prepare as hard. Make sure that you maintain good study habits that fit you and don’t come in test day unprepared.

  1. Ask Questions.

Your teachers are there to help! Make sure to ask questions regarding material and the exam so that you have a good preparation plan.

  1. Attend Review Sessions.

Some teachers may and others may not offer this, but definitely take advantage of these review sessions when possible. It goes over all major concepts you need for the exam.

  1. Prepare Early.

Don’t cram all your information from 18 weeks into a one night rush. Spend 30 minutes each day to keep all the information in your mind; studies show that these methods lead to better success on tests.

  1. Get Your Friends Together to Prepare.

If you and your friends are all in the same class together, it would be a perfect opportunity to prepare for that subject together. There are various ways that you guys can study, but by putting multiple heads together, you can better understand the key concepts that are needed for success.