Take Advantage of Final Exam Breaks!

Ben Kolba, Staff Writer

With final exams on the horizon, the stress is piling and it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself amongst the mountains of work you have to attend to. So during your exams you should take a moment for yourself and treat yourself to one of the many delicacies around the town square just a short walk away from CLC during your free exam periods:

Hot Chocolate at Kaleidoscoops: While Starbucks may be the local hotspot for warm drinks downtown, I would suggest that you give Kaleidoscoops a visit if you’re looking for a fresh view on hot chocolate. For just $2, you can get yourself a sizable cup of cocoa, but for an extra 56 cents, you can get any scoop of ice cream you want! There are plenty of flavor combinations to try, so give it a shot!

Let your Inner Zen Out at Evolve: Among the stress of the season, stop in for a few moments at Evolve and browse the seemingly endless variety of stones and minerals offered. For a bargain price, find yourself a stone that promotes good luck and well being to give you a little spiritual boost for your exams!

Channel the Child Inside at Marvin’s: Stop in for a few moments to browse around the latest and greatest in toys and trinkets and take your mind off of your finals for a hot second. The staff is friendly and always up for conversation, so pop in if you’d like to visit a friendly face or two.

Good luck on your final exams and stay calm!