SPARK Your Creative Instincts with Rylee McGoon

SPARK Your Creative Instincts with Rylee McGoon

RJ Cruz, Staff Writer

Interview with Rylee McGoon

Age: 18

Grade: Senior

Art Teacher: Mrs. Parrish and Mr. Shutt

School: Crystal Lake Central High School

What art classes do we have at CLC?

There are so many options: digital art classes like VAT, Photo, and Digital Design, classics like Art, Media, and VAI as well as AP offerings.

Who are the teachers?

Mr. Shutt, Mrs. Parrish and Mr. Hewitt.

Do you like your teachers?

They are like my second set of parents! I look up to them and they take care of me as their own.

How many “artists” would you say we have in the school?

More than come across to the public. So many students have the knack to create, but some are just worried to take an art class.

What is Art Club? What is it like?

Art Club is an awesome place to meet kids with creative mindsets and to be able to create on your own terms outside of a class! It is perfect for someone who can’t necessarily fit an art class into their schedule.

Are you in Art Club?

I’m one of the presidents 🙂

Will you do art in college or even pursue it as a career? Why or why not?

I will definitely take art classes in college and may take an aspect of art into my career of therapy.

Do you think art is well appreciated in our school?

I think it has a growing audience as more and more people are seeing what amazing pieces come out of the classes.

How do you and your fellow artists treat each other?

We are like family. We help each other and build each other up in order to create our best works.

How long have you been working with art (fun or formally)?

Since around 7th grade.

What types of art is there from what you know? Genres?

Digital, mixed media, writing, music, painting, anything can be an art really if you’re creative.

What type of art do you like?

I love manipulating photography and sketching the best.

Who is your favorite artist and why?

I love Nicolas Bruno, a photographer, who focuses on grim tones and manipulation.

Why should anyone participate in art?

To meet new people and to let loose – give the mind a break from notes!

What advice do you have for anyone who may like to try your type of art?

Even if you aren’t the best at art now, try it and practice! Art classes are for you to learn and grow!


What is the SPARK show?

The SPARK art show is a showcase of student art from all schools in D155; it is taking place at the Dole Mansion. You can view the work now when the Dole is open, but the fun is on Friday, January 26th which is the reception. Everyone will be there with live music and an improv show after!

How long has it been running?

Several years.

Who can be in the show?

Anyone in the art programs!

Where can we see the show?

The Dole Mansion now through the 26th!

Why should we see this show?

To see what our students and our neighbor schools are creating! I love this show as it is a way for not only the school to view student work but also the community.

In your opinion, does one need to be trained to be a good artist?

Absolutely not!!!! Anyone can “art.” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Come see some fine works of art next weekend!