A Night at the Art Show


John Sengstock, Staff Writer

Recently, I managed to catch the last day of the D155 Spark Art Show.  Only finding out about it a few days prior, I decided to drop by simply to see what all the hullabaloo was about.

The Spark Art Show was created in 2013 as an opportunity for students across D155 to express their artistic merits and talents. It also exists to give students more motivation towards creating their own projects. From freshmen to seniors in D155 all were represented to show the variety of talents in the district.  The event logo, created two years prior, has been used to promote the Art Show and has also been used for stickers, badges, and more. Each year, the event is hosted for two weeks at the Dole Mansion, and this year approximately  600 people visited the art show.

My experience of the event was rather enjoyable. The paintings were spread out into two historical rooms giving it a lived-in vibe that I really admired. The number of different styles used was very impressive, ranging from more traditional styles like pen & ink and photography to more creative and visually stunning techniques like acrylic painting and mirror painting. The viewers, family, teachers, and students alike were very pleasant to interact with and seemed to be enjoying the event.

Everyone was talking, viewing art, and there was an all-around comfortable atmosphere at the Dole Mansion. They even had a live jazz group, the CG Jazz Combo, which attracted an audience.  This jazz group consists of seven D155 students.  They were highly enjoyable!!!!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the D155 Spark Art Show. Having viewed the live music, comfortable, lived-in atmosphere, and vast array of fresh, unique art pieces made my night a success. I recommend this to anybody looking to have a relaxing evening talking to some nice folks and enjoying the student creations!