Singles Guide to Valentine’s Day

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Singles Guide to Valentine’s Day

Zach Rainey, Entertainment Editor

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! It is a day centered around the celebration of your special someone, the love you feel, and the buckets of money you’re willing to spend to show it. But what about the single people? The ones who don’t have a significant other and are stuck feeling bad about it? Well, look no further! Valentine’s Day can be used to celebrate more than just one form of love!

Here are some suggestions to spread the love without being in love!

Treat yourself! – Instead of treating a special someone, why not just treat yourself? Buy yourself candy, a game, clothing, jewelry, or whatever strikes your fancy! If couples will spend a mint buying stuff for each other on Valentine’s Day, why not do it for yourself!? If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect to love others?

Have some fun! – Don’t let the lovey-dovey stuff of Valentine’s Day bring you down! Instead, focus on pumping it up! Do stuff you enjoy and keep your spirits high! Watch your favorite show or movie and indulge in your hobbies and things that make you genuinely feel good! There is no need to spend (as much) money when you can dedicate just a day to resting, enjoying life, and reminding yourself, “I’m great and I deserve this!”

Hang out with friends! – Friendship is one of the best kind of loves out there! Everyone has experienced it in one way or another! So why not celebrate it? Get your friends together to do something fun and exciting! Go to the movies, hang out, or go get something to eat. Anything really! Time with your friends can be the best time spent, so take advantage of that time on the day of love!

Spread the love with kindness! – Why don’t you make everyone feel like they matter and deserve some love? Hand out candy to random people, give out little slips of paper with compliments, or make cards to help lift up their spirits! Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, right? Make it known that everyone deserves it, no matter what!

Naturally, all these are just suggestions, so it’s up to you! Valentine’s Day could be a day you sulk in self-loathing and failed romance or it could be a day to celebrate what makes you amazing and worth loving. Cherish the friendships and connections you’ve cultivated throughout your life. Life is too precious to be bogged down in despair, so go for it: live life and enjoy!

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