Kiss Me, Kate: Coming Soon

Kiss Me, Kate: Coming Soon

Jamie Cruz, Staff Writer

This year, CLC will be presenting the classic musical of Kiss Me, Kate premiering on March 14th. This is a story in which a divorced couple finds each other cast in the same production, and they must now work together in the new Broadway production, Taming of the Shrew. The battle between these two will have you on the edge of your seat throwing many twists and turns at you that are all exciting. Alongside the stubborn couple is the supporting actress who causes a lot of controversy by supporting her gambler boyfriend. You will never grow bored with the performance because twists and turns are constantly thrown at you. A huge bonus to this already amazing production is all the music included that is unique and will be enjoyed by everyone.

The music department has put a lot of effort and time into this musical, starting back when we returned from winter break with rehearsals. The cast comes in after school and rehearses the choreography to new scenes every day, putting their absolute best out there and showing the progress of their hard work. They should all be recognized and thanked for putting so much passion and dedication into a production we all will watch and enjoy.

Forty-eight students were cast to be a part of this production, but more than 80+ are helping out backstage from the lights to the wardrobe. Many of our fellow classmates are involved and we should support them by going to see the show! The biggest thanks should be given to choir director, Mrs. Scherrer, who has been organizing everything and been very supportive of the cast and crew. She has also been planning this production for months and is doing a very good job of keeping everything organized. So once again, here’s a huge shoutout to Mrs. Scherrer!

The hard work of all these people should not go unnoticed or be ignored. As a school, we should support one another, so when tickets go on sale, make sure to buy one to see a musical that you will enjoy from the beginning to the end!