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Newspaper 2016

Paulina Maczuga, Kelly Splitt, Melissa Miller, Izzy Fuentes, Ms. Mijal, Brock Wright, Zach Rainey, Anjali Patel

The extracurricular newspaper staff at Crystal Lake Central High School produces Orange and Black. This online paper encourages freelance writing and letters to the editor. The sponsor and editors reserve the right to edit such writings without altering writers’ meanings. All submissions must be approved digitally by Ms. Mijal at [email protected] Orange and Black may provide links within stories as a service to readers for convenience and pursuit of personal interests. The linking to external websites does not constitute an endorsement or approval of these websites or subsequent links. For more information about contributing or joining the staff, come to a meeting.  Orange and Black meets every Tuesday at 7am in room 223.

Newspaper 2015

Kelly Splitt, Anjali Patel, Paulina Maczuga, Gabi Ryan, Brock Wright, Zach Rainey

Izzy Fuentes, Hannah Agboola, Melissa Estrada, Tashi Stevenson



About CLC Orange & Black