2017-2018 Staff

John Sengstock

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is John Sengstock, and I am currently a sophomore here at Central. This is the first serious club I’ve participated in so far here at CLC, so I’m looking forward to putting forth more of an effort with one of m...

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RJ Cruz

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Ryan Cruz and I am currently a senior here at Central. I have proudly been a part of CLC’s Orange and Black newspaper for 2 years now. Personally, I find that I have no specific writing interests. For the news...

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Olivia Doak


Hello! My name is Olivia Doak and I am a senior here at Central. This is my second year as part of CLC’s Orange and Black newspaper. My writing interests vary from sports to current events to fine arts. Above all, I enjoy i...

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Odalys Cordova

Staff Writer

My name is Odalys Cordova and I am a junior here at CLC! I am a new member of CLC’s Orange and Black, and I absolutely love it so far! Apart from newspaper, I am involved in the Mentor Program, Latino Leadership, and the Stud...

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Easton Walsh

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Easton Walsh and I am a sophomore at CLC. This is my first year on the newspaper staff. You can also find me involved in Legacy Club and the baseball team as well as other activities. The reason I chose to be on the...

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Abbey Kramer


Hi, I’m Abbey Kramer and I’m a junior; I’m focusing on the Sports sections and working with staff writers to photograph their events.  After college, I plan on becoming an elementary education teacher....

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Ben Kolba

Staff Writer

I’m Ben Kolba and I’m a junior. This is my first year on the newspaper team and I’m loving every second of it. I will continue to stay involved throughout the rest of high school and will surely stay tuned even after I ...

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Victoria Wakeford

Staff Writer

Hello, I’m Victoria Wakeford and I am a current freshman at CLC; this is my first year on Newspaper Club. However, I am also involved with speech team. I am mostly going to roam in the realm of features, (read The Witch of th...

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Zach Rainey

Entertainment Editor

Hello! I am the humble weirdo, madman, gentleman, shy guy, creative, aspiring writer, etc. etc. etc: Zachary H. Rainey! I am currently a senior at Crystal Lake Central High School. This is my fourth and final year as a writer on t...

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Hannah Evans

News Editor

Hi! My name is Hannah Evans and I am a junior here at CLC! I am a passionate writer and love reporting on behalf of current events at Central and in the world to keep everyone “in the loop” and put a spirited twist on eve...

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