Sydney Huffman
Hello! My name is Sydney Huffman and I am a freshman here at Crystal Lake Central. Ever since I was young, I’ve loved to write and it has become one of my passions. Every year, I become a stronger writer and continue to learn every day. I am also involved in Marching Band and Interact Club. I chose to join the Newspaper Team because I put a lot of effort, emotion, detail, and thought into all of what I write. I know that in the future I will have some job or career where a lot of writing will be involved. At first, I wasn’t sure whether to join or not, but then my English teacher, Mrs. Levitt, inspired me to be brave and join. I don’t regret joining and welcome other writers who aren’t sure, to give it a try because you never know until you do!

Sydney Huffman, Staff Writer

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Sydney Huffman